Lenny Silvan - General Manager

Lenny is the General Manager for United Sweeping Company, Inc..  He is responsible for planning and directing various maintenance activities within the Operations Department, carrying out the Department’s annual work plan and day-to-day operations. Lenny'€™s department is currently staffed with over 7 full time positions, 1 supervisors and over 10 client service accounts. As the leader of the management team, Lenny places the greatest emphasis on safety, quality and client services. 

As General Manager, Lenny specializes in performance management, personnel management and streamlining business operation processes that produce an empowered and engaged workforce. Lenny epitomizes these skills, refined over his 16 years of management in the service industry.

Fredrick H. Smith - VP of Business Development

As Vice President of Sales of and Marketing Fred works directly with the customer representatives, United Sweeping owner and other key management team in the pursuant of customer satisfaction and development of new business opportunities.

Represent ownership at selected client interface meetings, and serves as the strategic leader for, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and heavily involved in all aspects of quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.

Practical and innovative in problem-solving capability, he is customer centric and consistently seeks to create win/win outcomes for the customer and for United Sweeping Company Inc.

Approaches each customer from consultative point of view, to ensure each service meets their unique needs, in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

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