Parking Lot Services:
Your appearance matters, and it starts when customers enter your parking lot. 

When your parking lots are clean and maintained, customers have a positive perception of your business.  Additionally, a basic maintenance program can dramatically extend the useful life of your parking lot asset  which has a significant replacement cost.

Our parking lot maintenance program includes:

Parking Lot Sweeping:
Parking Lots, Construction site maintenance, Services areas, etc. No job is to small or to big. Either it is everyday or weekend cleaning; lot sweeping changes appearance, and helps prolong the life of the paving and painted surfaces markings. Regular sweeping reduces the amount of pollutants entering our waters. Rainfall runoff from construction & parking sites can be a major source of pollution.

Power Sweeping Services include:
Removal of all litter, leaves and debris from blacktop, sidewalks, loading docks and entrances to buildings. Sweeps and vacuums efficiently at a high sweeping speed. Picks up sand and dust, prolonging the life of the swept surface. Interchangeable brushes allow for specific surfaces and debris. Filtration system controls dust while operating. Auxiliary side brush sweeps hard to reach places. Hand-broom or blowout all curbs, corners, edges and entrances. Scrape compacted mud deposits and remove all vegetation from curbs, sidewalks and building edges.

Fast and efficient, up to 20,000 sq. ft. per hour. This service is offered for all parking lots, underground parking, warehouses, production plants, shop floors and many other environments and surfaces, from smooth concrete to rough cobblestone. 

Lot Stripping

United Sweeping Company uses the latest technology for parking lot striping. Computer controlled equipment and high quality paint provide attractive, durable markings. Pavement markings may be applied in many different ways. Because premium traffic paint is heavy bodied and fast drying. United Sweeping Compnay, Inc. also offer other parking lot repairs such as replaceing wheel stop and even Signs.

Services We Offer
Lot Striping
Bumper curbs/Wheel Stops
Layout & Design
Specialty Stencils
Seal Coating 
Crack Sealing
Power Washing